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  • Daily maintenance of Vacuum cleaners
    Oct 22, 2018

    After using the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner and accessories should be wiped clean with a damp cloth and then dried naturally in the air. Dust collection bag of dirt to be removed in time, if temporarily no longer used, but also apply warm water will be dust bag washing clean, and then natural drying in the sun.

    The brush should also be cleaned with the hairs and confetti.

    Always check the wear of the brush, if the wear is found to be serious, it should be replaced.

    Always check the various fixed parts of the vacuum cleaner, if loose should be fastened at any time.

    The brush on the electric Cleaner's motor is also easy to wear, pay attention to the repair replacement

    Always check the suction head and exhaust port to prevent clogging. Protect the hose of the vacuum cleaner, not the pressure.