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  • Development history of Vacuum cleaners
    Oct 22, 2018

    In 1901, British civil engineer Booth went to the Imperial Concert Hall in Leicester Square, London to visit the American model of a car box duster. The vacuum cleaner used compressed air to blow the dust into the container, which Mr Booth thought was not very clever because many of the dust failed to blow into the container. Later, he did the opposite, with the vacuum method, Booth made a very simple test: a handkerchief on the arm of the chair, with a mouth to the handkerchief suction, the result of a handkerchief attached a layer of dust.

    At the time, he made a vacuum cleaner, with a powerful electric pump to the air suction hose, through the cloth bag to filter the dust. In August 1901 Booth patented and established a vacuum cleaner, but did not sell vacuum cleaners. He put a petrol-engine-driven vacuum pump on the wagon, door the service, put three or four long hoses from the window into the room to suck dust, and the company's employees wore overalls.

    This is the predecessor of the late vacuum cleaner. 1902 Booth's service company was summoned to Westminster Abbey to clean up the carpets used in the coronation of Edward VII. Since then business has become increasingly prosperous.

    In 1906, Booth made a small household vacuum cleaner, which, though known as "small", weighed 88 pounds (1 pounds = 0.4536 kilograms) and was too bulky to be popular.

    In 1907, the inventor of Ohio, Spangera, made a lightweight vacuum cleaner, which he then worked as an administrator in a store in order to ease the sweep

    Horizontal Tank Vacuum Cleaner

    Horizontal Tank Vacuum Cleaner Blanket of the burden, made a vacuum cleaner, with an electric fan to cause the dust suction machine, and then blown into the pocket. Because of his inability to produce and sell, he transferred the patent to Hoover, the fur maker, in 1908.

    Hoover then began to create a belt wheel "O" vacuum cleaner, the market is quite good, the first household vacuum cleaner design is reasonable, the development has not changed much in principle. The first design of the vacuum cleaner is vertical type. In 1912, the Winler Golin of Stockholm, Sweden, invented the transverse canister vacuum cleaner, and Electrolux Electrolux became the initiator of the vacuum cleaners.