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  • High-end Vacuum cleaner
    Oct 22, 2018

    High-end vacuum cleaner, it is placed in the main living areas, such as: Underground equipment layer, garage, cleaning room, etc., will vacuum pipe embedded into the wall, in the wall only a small and beautiful suction socket, when the need to clean only a hose into the suction port, the system automatically start the host switch, all the size of dust, confetti, Cigarette butts, harmful microorganisms, and even the smell of smoke in the room, are transported through tightly sealed pipes to the Central collection station. Anyone, at any time, can be completely or partially cleaned to ensure the cleanest indoor environment. Its clean processing capacity is 5 times times the general vacuum cleaner, and the length of the hose can be arbitrarily optional, the system in Europe and the United States is a must match system, in the domestic already some high-end property has adopted this advanced technology.