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  • Other functions of the vacuum cleaner
    Oct 22, 2018

    Favorite Items Seasonal changes in the collection of bedding and other items due to occupy a large storage space, improper storage easily eaten.

    If they are placed in a custom plastic seal bag, and then vacuum the air in the bag to pull off the airtight tightly, not only can save space, but also not easy to damp mildew.

    Find items Life at home will inevitably drop small items such as buttons, pills, caps, sewing needles and so on, which can be easily found with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

    Before use, you can first the suction tube of the vacuum cleaner with a thin layer of gauze bandage, and then according to the size of the item to choose the appropriate wind, and then plugged in the power supply with a suction pipe around the falling objects sliding back and forth, falling objects will soon be adsorbed on the gauze.

    Cleaning appliances The use of vacuum cleaners can also be such as televisions, DVD players, computers, keyboards, stereos, air conditioners and other electrical appliances for daily maintenance, remove the dust inside and outside the appliance. Dust, you should first unplug the electrical power plug, according to the instructions will be opened to remove the electrical shell, the use of the appropriate shape of the straw into the electrical apparatus to remove the dust, and then use a hair dryer to dispel moisture, and finally the shell is ready to restore the original.