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  • Precautions for using the vacuum cleaner
    Oct 22, 2018

    Note: This vacuum cleaner is for home use, any commercial operation (such as: hotels, hotels, beauty shops, etc.) and family abnormal operation (such as: Special decoration House, water absorption, etc.) are not within the scope of free repair.

    1, when using the vacuum cleaner, please be careful not to plug the suction inlet, otherwise it will cause the motor overload, damage the motor. 

    2.When using the vacuum cleaner, please be careful to install the dust filter bag, lest dust into the motor room. 3.Please do not use a vacuum cleaner cement, gypsum powder, wall powder and other micro-particles, or it will cause dust filter bag or filter network plugging, motor burnout and other failures. 

    4.When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, please use wet cloth containing water or neutral detergent, do not use gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise it will cause the shell to crack or fade. 

    5.Please do not use a vacuum cleaner to absorb detergent, coal, oil, glass, needles, soot, water wet dust, sewage, matches and other items. 

    6.Please do not let the vacuum cleaner too close to the fire and other high temperature places. 

    7.Do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck water and other liquids, and you cannot rinse the vacuum with water. 

    8. When you need to clean or repair the vacuum cleaner and do not use the vacuum cleaner, please unplug the power supply, do not pull the power cord.