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  • Basic Functions Of Sweeping Machine
    Oct 22, 2018

    1) with a circular type of air-stepping sensor, can effectively prevent the fall on the steps

    2) Ultrasonic bionic detection technology, can be done like whales through sound waves to determine obstacles 3) Interval Scheduling appointment, working hours can be set at intervals.Instead of a fixed cleaning time cycle

    4) Sweeping and walking system, straight type, along side sweep type, spiral shape, cross sweep, focus on cleaning "S" shape sweeping six walk mode one can not be less

    5) rechargeable Virtual wall, because the virtual wall compared to power consumption, from a convenient, environmentally friendly point of view, must choose with a rechargeable virtual wall

    6) UV sterilization, especially for families with pets and children, UV sterilization and mites better protect family health

    7) Battery capacity, capacity 1800mAh below basically belong to toys, real sweeper robot battery capacity in 2800~3600mah, this capacity to ensure that cleaning work effectively

    8) Exterior material, preferably frosted surface instead of baking paint, environmental protection scratch-resistant

    9) Work noise, 40-60db, the less noise the better, the less impact on life

    10) dust-absorbing motor, from the perspective of sound and service life, brushless motor more durable than traditional carbon brushes, help the sound smaller 11) Working power, generally between the 30-45w, the greater the power, the more thorough cleaning.