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  • Brush Plate And Cleaning Mat
    Oct 22, 2018

    Washing machine brushes a variety of, but the market mainly with two brushes mainly: disc type and drum type, due to the different use of the environment, in the Chinese market mainly in the disc-based

    Different ground and sanitary conditions need to use different brushes, such as epoxy ground to use a soft brush, wool brush, marble floor should use a medium hardness brush, cement floor generally use a hard brush, if the workshop has a large number of oil on the ground, this time need to use wire brush. If the use of improper brushes will not only bring damage to the ground, but also the cleaning effect is not ideal, so the vast number of users in the purchase process to tell the staff of your company's ground conditions and health conditions, in order to better your distribution. Cleaning pads are mainly used with the use of the needle plate, according to the actual situation of the need to clean the ground to equip which color of the cleaning pad (generally speaking, the darker the color, the greater the friction on the ground).