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  • Natural Fiber Brush Disc And Bristle Thickness Washing Machine
    Oct 22, 2018

    NATURAL FIBRE Brush Natural Fiber brush Disc The bristles of the brush are made from natural plants and are very fine, ideal for very delicate or treated ground.

    hey last longer than the plush bristles and are used in conjunction with non-strong cleaning agents. The dense, dense bristles of the bristle thickness bristles are larger, making them suitable for smooth and small-gap surfaces. In uneven and irregular and deep crevices on the ground, soft bristles can easily enter the deep part of the gap, so we recommend using it.

    Remember: When bristles are worn, i.e. bristles are very short, they become very hard and cannot be washed in the depth direction, and if the bristles are dense, the brush disc will produce a beating Pad holder needle plate can be applied to the polished surface T has two types of needle plate: 1.    The traditional PIN plate has a set of anchors that can be used to clamp and drive the needle tray during the cleaning process. 2. The Center lock needle Plate has no anchor, but there is a central locking system for the plastic clamping device, which can fix the needle plate in the center and connect together without separating. This type of needle plate is particularly suitable for multi-brush disc and needle plate positioning more difficult machines.