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  • Treatment method of vacuum cleaner after overheat protection
    Oct 22, 2018

    1, determine the vacuum cleaner due to overheat protection automatically cut off the power;

    2. Immediately hold the plug (instead of the wire) to separate the plug from the power supply;

    3, determine the vacuum cleaner in the state of electromechanical separation;

    4, check whether the dust room is garbage, hair filled;

    5, if there is a dust room full of the phenomenon need to clean up the dust room;

    6. Check whether the filter screen of the vacuum cleaner is blocked;

    7, the filter network thoroughly clean, ensure that the filter network unobstructed;

    8, remove the vacuum cleaner hose, check the patency of the hose;

    9, if there is a blockage of foreign bodies in the hose should be cleaned immediately, the recovery hose unobstructed;

    10, the vacuum cleaner placed in a cool, ventilated environment so that its natural cooling;

    11, the Heat cut protection device reset after the vacuum cleaner inspection work status; 

    12, if the vacuum cleaner is still unable to use the normal need to contact the repair center troubleshooting.