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  • Method To Prolong The Life Of The Washing Machine
    Oct 22, 2018

    1. When the work is finished, the blanket brush or brushing of the washing machine is removed and cleaned to avoid the deformation of the bristles caused by the long-time compression of the machine. 2, empty and clean the sewage tank. In the process of using a washing machine, the machine absorbs the mixture of water containing the sludge, which easily accumulates in the water tank and emits an unpleasant odor.

    Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the water tank of the washing machine with the flowing waters.

    3, Empty clear water box, especially do not often use the washing machine for cleaning work, otherwise the non-flow of water will become a source of bacteria and so on.

    4, check whether the suction is clean, if necessary to clean, you need to use the flow of water to clean the washing machine suction glue strips and suction inlet.

    5, cleaning the suction pipe to connect the suction, so not only to effectively extend the service life of the washing machine, but also to avoid the local non-cleaning of the blockage affecting its water absorption effect.

    6, regularly check the washing machine brush plate and suction of the wear and tear, if the ground is extremely abrasive, add on the ground strong pressure will damage these accessories or speed up their wear situation.

    7, regularly check the washing machine suction filter network, sometimes, the filter will be blocked because of small water impurities, so in the process of cleaning the ground, the impact of water outflow, it is worth noting that the flow of water more clean.

    8, with water regularly clean the sewer pipe, in order to prevent residual detergent corrosion of the washing machine sewage pipe wall, also prevents the bacteria inside the breeding.

    9, do not need to wash the machine, clean and clean the power cord with a dry cloth, and dry cloth to the fuselage and machine plate (outside, bottom) wipe clean. 10, do not use the washing machine, will be fully charged battery power cord around a good hanging on the machine, should also put the machine in a dry and ventilated place, to avoid humid environment affect the motor and shorten the service life.