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  • Scrubbing Machines For Plush Brushes And Steel Brushes
    Oct 22, 2018

    NYLON Brush suede Brushes This brush can be used on any type of ground, it has excellent abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance (can use less than 60°c of hot water). Velvet is not hygroscopic, and working long hours on wet ground loses its properties. Tynex Brush polyamide Fiber Brush This brush disc is infused with a very strong abrasive agent. The brush plate can be used to clean the very dirty ground.

    To prevent damage to the ground, we recommend the use of the minimum required brush disc pressure STEEL Brush Steel Brush They have wire and flat bristles, which may be a mixture of steel or steel and synthetic fibres. The brush can be used to remove uneven ground and dirt on the ground with a large gap. Steel brushes (Very large hardness) can be used to remove dirt that is difficult to remove.