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  • The Advantages Of Sweeping Machine
    Oct 22, 2018

    Hand-Push sweeper is a pure mechanical transmission maintenance-free cleaning tool. No power cords and batteries and any power source can be recycled into the trash as long as it is pushed on foot. The sweep and collection are completed at the same time.

    Very practical sweeping machine, cheap, efficiency can replace 6 cleaning workers.

    1, high efficiency: every hour can be cleaned about 8000 square meters, the same work area time greatly shortened

    2, low cost: Electric sweeper can replace 12-15 manual cleaning, save a lot of labor wages, welfare benefits and pay rise to deal with the problem

    3, the effect is good: electric sweeping car to take sweep, suction combination of the way, than the traditional manual cleaning smoke signals more clean than the ground

    4, High Security performance: Let the cleaners people in a safe environment (horse road fast traffic too much, manual cleaning is not safe) .

    5, the economic return High: spend only more than 10 yuan per day (charging, consumables, wear), if it is more than 10 people, wages and benefits, such as at least thousand yuan, but also to invest in basic cleaning tools and operating costs

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